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butts, pizza, & music, or gtfo.


Posted on 22nd Jul at 12:48 AM, with 1 note

i go back to school in one month and i really wish this wasn’t something i started thinking about at one in the morning

Posted on 21st Jul at 6:20 PM

I parted my hair on the wrong side and I don’t even know who I am anymore

Posted on 21st Jul at 5:40 PM

give me wi-fi or give me death

Posted on 20th Jul at 6:49 PM, with 1 note

if you ask me what i’m doing and i say anything other than “just thinkin bout angel haze & ireland baldwin” I’M LYIN

Posted on 20th Jul at 6:20 PM, with 1 note

remember that time i really wanted a cupcake so i went into a dog bakery instead of a real one?

the shame is real and palpable

Posted on 20th Jul at 5:40 PM, with 1 note

everyone should be allowed to do what they want so long as they’re not hurting themselves or someone else ok

if it’s anything short of that you can kindly stop being a judgemental piece of shit, thanks :~)

Posted on 19th Jul at 11:48 PM, with 1 note

watching the entirety of degrassi this summer like real talk from Kids of Degrassi Street through The Next Generation ((I’ll probably never sleep but it’ll be worth it ok))

Posted on 19th Jul at 6:20 PM, with 1 note

when people shit on relationships with age gaps????? ummmmmm how about you focus on ur lonely ass self & stfu ok?

cool. :~)

Posted on 19th Jul at 5:40 PM, with 2 notes

my fam is downstairs marathoning the last season of 7th Heaven and i am fairly certain I hear sobbing

if my mother and sister are cryin over this show i swear i’m never leaving my room again

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