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Black artists: YES, get money. YES, brag about it. YES, embrace it. Celebrate your financial success in the face of a system designed & targeted against you. Celebrate entrepreneurship, Celebrate turning talent and skill into profit, Celebrate playing the game and winning. Inspire others to do the same. It’s Activism and it’s Radical.

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i have been awake for all of 3 minutes of my 20 year old life and i’ve thus decided that it’s weird and i don’t like it

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How To Not Be A Little Shit

1. when u say ur gonna do something just fuckin do it

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Do you ever see a spider and have to talk yourself out of suicide

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my only life goals are to wear all black & to break hearts so do I really even need school?

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Anonymous said: Are you gay

i am quite happy thanks. i feel that not enough people are concerned about my emotional well-being so thank you

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*bangs fist on table* I WANT COLD WEATHER

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update: she just called me cute so can i get a hallelujah????

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